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A Kiss That Left Bruises


Their hands let go as it all comes to an end
Their relationship is dead, it cannot mend
His anger got straight to her heart
It was he who was tearing them apart

She’d ask a question, he’d snap back
He’d throw her around, like an empty sack
She’d get up, try to get away
Out of this love, but she just had to stay

It’s the way he apologised, how he kissed her lips
Said it was an accident, one of his slips
She did not know what was to yet to come
Well she did, she was playing dumb

“Get your hands off me, I’ll call the police”
She knew her empty threats, would not gain peace

His kiss was heavy, a blow to the jaw
His hands cut her wrist, an angry saw
But it was all fine, no need to worry
No reason to get away in a hurry
He loved her dearly, would never hurt her
The look in his eye, the one to die for