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Handy Noose


Your hands are the noose around my neck
You’re the one holding me above the deck
My feet still on the ground, but not for long
All my fears come together, a terrible song
One foot over the edge, it’s time to go
I won’t listen to what you say, I’ll just say no
Both feet over now, you’re hands tighten
Problems let go and begin to lighten
So close to death, feeling it’s touch
This is the moment I’ve wanted so much
Said no goodbyes, my friends won’t know
But soon they’ll see my true self show
Through the terrible news that they get told
They’d see why I didn’t want to get old
A dangling lifeless slab of meat
Taken down now, covered with a sheet
Shipped off to be buried, a life lost
The emotional damage, is the only cost
But I don’t see the effects, don’t see what I’ve done
All the feelings I once had, have become none
Hanging from the noose, was the only way to run