Just a Rerun

Sharp and cold as ice It provides the perfect slice Letting out the red pain Flowing from her vein Nothing to gain

The hurt is just fine Making a bloody line The emotion pain dies But still shows in her eyes She's been betrayed by lies

For the seconds in that hurt She becomes totally alert Of where this is going The fear of knowing It just keeps flowing

Face down on the floor She can't take any more A face so bright, now pale She doesn't move, doesn't flail She can't let out a wail

Hours later her friend walks in Her bubble burst by a pin A body lay down on the ground This can't be her friend she has found It is, she let's out a cry of no sound

Rush her away, to a hospital bed Lay her down, rest her lost head Wrap up her wrist, cover each scar No-one believed she'd take it this far She's dying away like a star

She awakens, where could she be? Her eyes start to water, as she starts to see She's in hospital, she went too deep Out of her chest, her heart tries to leap The price of pain does not come cheap

When she is home, she goes to her room Throws away the razor, her ultimate doom She promises a fresh start, no more pain She had put herself to shame To think that her emotions could be slain

They all wait for her, a new girl She's become so precious, she's a pearl She's changed herself, altered her fate She pushed her luck, it was almost too late She wiped her past, started a clean slate

A year has passed since she last drew blood In a flash of emotion, her eyes flood She thought of her past, of what she'd done The time she tried it and begun But this was just a memory, just a rerun